Corvelle Drives Concepts to Completion
Corvelle is the consulting firm oil and gas companies entrust with mission critical I.T. projects. Corvelle specializes in guiding complex, multi-department projects from concept through to successful completion.

Our Industry Is Oil & Gas
Our industry is oil and gas. Corvelle’s consultants have dedicated their careers to diffusing the complexity of oil and gas business issues and implementing solid solutions.

Having served as senior I.T. Managers and Directors, we know the driving concerns of oil and gas companies, from the field level right up to the corner suite. We’re familiar with the needs of geologists, engineers, accountants, managers and executives. We understand what departments need to be effective and what companies need to sustain maximum profitability.

Drill Deep Into Our Expertise
From our decades of business experience we know how companies need to act decisively to realize opportunities, adapt through mergers and acquisitions, adjust to government policy, cope with staff shortages, and respond to commodity price swings. We’ve lived through the $100 highs and $10 lows.

We’ve served multinational majors, fast growing intermediates, shallow gas exploiters, heavy oil specialists, oil sands giants, pipeline companies, resource industry software firms and government regulators.

When clients hire Corvelle they gain access to an unrivaled depth of oil and gas I.T. expertise. Our background enables us to quickly understand and map out a client’s business processes to give projects a solid strategic foundation. We excel at building consensus so that enterprise business goals can be articulated, supported and achieved.

Masters of Oil & Gas I.T.
We are masters of oil and gas I.T. We have firsthand experience with virtually every industry standard information system. We’ve directed implementation teams in dozens of companies. We’ve led million dollar software development projects, both in-house and for commercial applications. We’ve established pioneering strategies to connect the changing needs of resource companies with new technology frontiers.

Corvelle knows the demands of oil and gas. We know the possibilities of technology. We have the team-building savvy to rally a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve a common goal. We have the seasoned persistence needed to see projects through to success. We deliver solid business results.

Corvelle takes projects from the point of original concept, and sometimes chaos, to consensus and completion. Corvelle makes I.T. work for oil and gas.