M. J. (Mel) Miners has consulted with Corvelle Consulting since 2011. His knowledge of production accounting, field operations, and reservoir engineering has combined to make him a valuable addition for the Corvelle oil & gas clients.Because of his wide-ranging oil & gas background Mel has implemented EPAP at various oil & gas operators.


Mel started his career as a chemist with a major chemical company in Ontario. He specialized in novel solutions to various problems that the functional production units encountered. Following that he migrated to Calgary where he joined Core Laboratories Calgary as a specialist in gas chromatography and PVT analyses. At Core Laboratories he and an associate computerized the reporting functions of the company.

His next career led him to the Petroleum Recovery Institute where he performed experiments in high temperature, high pressure relative permeability to better understand the flow of heavy oil in sandstone reservoirs.

Amoco Canada Petroleum saw his potential and hired Mel for many and varied tasks throughout a lengthy career. Reservoir analysis, field operations engineering, a project at Amoco’s Tulsa Research Centre and other challenges were the mainstay of his career.

Following the merger with Dome Canada, Mel mentored the joint engineering communities. Mel developed a procedure to analyze the status of over 5000 wells of unknown non-producing status in a timely manner. The team then accomplished this massive challenge in the one year assigned time.

Mel progressed to studies of Mississippian and Devonian foothills reservoirs from an engineering perspective. These studies helped the Exploration department to promote their projects. The last project that Mel worked on at Amoco was in coal bed methane. He spearheaded the first pilot CBM projects that Amoco carried out.

Following Amoco, Mel established Martlet Inc, a consulting company specializing in reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation and production analysis. He performed many reservoir simulation studies and other complex analytical reservoir studies for clients. His desire to return his knowledge of the oil patch and his analytical drive resulted in his involvement with CAPPA and its education program. Because of this multitude of facets in his background that Corvelle sought Mel out to be one of their top EPAP implementation experts.


Mr. Miners holds a BSc degree in Honours Chemistry with a major in Mathematics from the University of Victoria and a BSc in Chemical Engineering with a speciality in reservoir engineering from the University of Calgary. His interest in practical analytical solutions to complex problems led him to Corvelle.

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