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Yogi Schulz

Published: January 6th, 2015



Award winning gadgets from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Again in 2015, ingenuity and innovation was on display in abundance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the award highlights that caught my eye. All are intended to make our life easier, to entertain us and perhaps to solve some problems we didn’t know we had.

AIR² from Axxess CE

The AIR² is a floating Bluetooth speaker from Axxess CE that levitates and spins over its base while punching out a powerful sound. While its audio performance may not be superior to competing products, its visual attractiveness fascinates all audiences. The AIR² won the Portable Media Players and Accessories award.

miCoach Smart Ball from Adidas

The adidas miCoach Smart Ball is a $220.00 soccer ball with an integrated sensor that detects speed, spin, flight path and impact point. It won the Fitness, Sports and Biotech award. This is a rapidly growing category that wants to make us all healthier. Kick data is transmitted wirelessly over Bluetooth to an IOS app where it is displayed in a highly visual way. The ball is intended to help you fine-tune your soccer ball kicking techniques.

Scanify scanner from Fuel3D Inc.

The Scanify scanner is a $1,500.00 handheld 3D scanning system that delivers high resolution 3D shape and colour capture for a range of creative applications. Its developers relied in part on a KickStarter fundraising campaign. It’s unexpected that a scanner would win the rapidly expanding 3D Printing category.

iCam HD Pro from Amaryllo International B.V.

iCam HD Pro is Amaryllo’s newest entry for the mushrooming home security market at $200.00. It is an innovative home security camera featuring full HD video, object tracking, multi-viewing, and 360° of rotation giving the user complete control over their home anywhere. I suspect its elegant good looks, in comparison to a large field of competitors, won it the Embedded Technologies award.

Parrot RNB6 from PARROT

The Parrot RNB6 is an Android Infotainment System that enhances driving experience. It’s designed for cars that don’t have a built-in system supplied by the manufacturer. Its features include navigation and driving assistance, vocal and steering wheel controls, advanced audio player and even a radio. The Parrot RNB6 won the In-Vehicle Audio-Video award. It’s rumored that it will cost about $800.00.

Pocket Printer from ZUtA Labs

ZUtA Labs received a Computer Accessories award for re-imagining the printer to fit into today’s mobile work space. The ZUtA Pocket Printer is a little $200.00 robot about the height and dimensions of three hockey stacked pucks. It runs around on the paper you want printed and lays down ink while doing so. Because there’s no paper tray and no paper feeder, it can print on any size of paper.

SUHD TV from Samsung

Samsung’s 105-inch SUHD TV is the world’s first and largest bendable TV. With true-to-life color expression and high contrast, this TV sets offers a superior cinematic viewing experience at home at a cost of over $10,000. It won the Video Displays award. I wonder if we’ll soon need larger homes to accommodate the ever-increasing dimensions of the available television sets.

Snap from Sengled

Snap from is an indoor/outdoor LED PAR lamp into which Sengled has cleverly integrated a 720p HD IP camera, microphone, and speaker. The Snap supports voice and motion activation for home security. Its supporting software manages the recorded video and offers facial and activity recognition. It won the Smart Home award.

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