Corvelle consultants conduct a low-effort pipeline Safety and Loss Management System (SLMS) self-assessment in collaboration with oil and gas producer staff. 

The pipeline SLMS self-assessment clearly shows where your SLMS is functioning well and where your SLMS has gaps. 

The pipeline SLMS self-assessment is useful to: 

  1. Understanding the state of your SLMS and your pipeline risks. 
  2. Planning improvements for your pipeline SLMS. 
  3. Pinpointing your SLMS noncompliance issues. 
  4. Confidently responding to an AER query about your pipeline SLMS. 

Corvelle has developed a simple, fast, economical approach to confirm the risk and compliance of your pipeline SLMS and to identify gaps that may need attention. The conclusions of the Corvelle pipeline SLMS self-assessment are summarized numerically: 

  1. For easy communication with operations staff and management. 
  2. To support trend line charting. 
  3. To avoid subjective judgments about the state of pipeline operations. 

The example table below summarizes the conclusions of the Corvelle pipeline SLMS self-assessment. Corvelle clients find this one-page report useful to: 

  1. Quickly understand the current pipeline status comprehensively. 
  2. Measure improvement in pipeline processes. 
  3. Drive pipeline continuous improvement priorities.