Pipeline SLMS development

Pipeline SLMS self-assessment

Pipeline Integrity KPIs

Pipeline business process improvement

SLMS stands for Safety and Loss Management System. The following documents define the contents of a pipeline SLMS in detail:

  1. API 1173 – Pipeline Safety Management Systems
  2. CSA Z662 – Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems

Oil and gas producers engage Corvelle Consulting for pipeline SLMS development because of:

  1. Corvelle’s experience in developing pipeline SLMS’s for upstream oil & gas producers.
  2. Corvelle’s experience in improving pipeline operations for oil & gas producers.
  3. Corvelle’s experience with the API 1173 and the CSA Z662 management systems that are likely resources for your pipeline SLMS development.
  4. Corvelle’s experience in developing the SLMS self-assessment program and related declaration form with AER staff.
  5. Corvelle’s knowledge and experience with management systems tuned to the needs of the various disciplines in the upstream oil & gas industry.
  6. Corvelle’s emphasis on reusing of your existing management system documents, such as the safety manual and the pressure equipment manual, in the interests of minimizing development cost and the people change management effort required to roll out the new pipeline SLMS.
  7. Corvelle’s experience with many upstream oil & gas business processes including pipeline operations.