Corvelle consultants lead the development of pipeline integrity Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in collaboration with your oil and gas producer staff. The pipeline KPIs are typically defined to illustrate the performance of key aspects of the management system as described in CSA Z662 and API 1173. 

The pipeline KPIs are useful to: 

  1. Demonstrating continuous improvement in your pipeline operations. 
  2. Demonstrating pipeline risk reduction. 
  3. Pinpointing topics for future improvement. 

Corvelle has developed an economical, collaborative approach to developing a pipeline KPIs that can be successfully implemented at oil and gas producers. 

The example KPI chart below summarizes the pipeline KPI for one oil and gas producer. Corvelle clients find KPI charts like this useful to: 

  1. Quickly understand current pipeline performance. 
  2. Recognize improvement in pipeline performance easily.
  3. Drive pipeline continuous improvement priorities.